Cultural Support Is Vital ...

Our event programming was created to engage, educate, empower student-athletes, parents, and families at an early stage to prepare for future success and a better overall community life experience.

Contributions of volunteers, funding and production are done through a core networking organization and fundraising. We don’t rely on government grants to help us serve athletes and audiences.  As our focus regions are aggressively looking to move forward from COVID, its a high demand to raise additional funding for existing initiatives and new initiatives that we are progressively building with these various agencies. We carry a high level of transparency accompanied with expectations of excellence as individuals that foster a culture of learning, mentorship, and accountability with our cultural affiliates.

A Message to our LEaders:

Mayor / City Council

When you think about culture leadership the Mayor and City Council are a combined group that set the tone for communities around the country.  We have contacted and communicated the desire for the Mayor to participate in our various events as well as speaking at our Winners Circle ceremony.  We hope that the Mayor and Council members will find various segments in the Festival week to attend!

Police Chief & Staff

With the current state of police and community relations we have been putting effort within bridging the gap for culture sensitivity within the community around the nation.  We have invited the Police Chief to attend the OP Festival, we’ve asked the PD as a department to participate in our Golf Scramble as well as encouraged officers to attend various event segments through the week!  This is a strong initiative through the week to make a sizable IMPACT!


As a leader of change, developing the skills to interact with any and all stakeholders, asking thoughtful questions, building genuine relationships, and gaining trust are vital qualities. Understanding school and district-wide cultures are key to our engagement with the educational culture.  We’ve invited School District leaders to attend our workshop segments for the youth as well as joining in on the Executive Impact Forum and/or OP Golf Scramble to assist in network growth and community empowerment.

Athletic Directors

Athletic Directors everywhere carry a dual responsibility to see the youth reach their athletic potential as well as achieve various education goals and requirements.  We have reached out to every Athletic Director with expectations to support our festival itinerary, join our Impact Forum & Golf Scramble as well as network with our tutors, mentors and invested athletes that support student-athletes being more than just athletes.

City Managers

City Managers carry job descriptions that don’t initially involve youth and sports per se.   Programming and budgets are a large duty for City Managers.  Overall we encourage City Managers to learn about the economic ramifications that impact youth and family opportunities to grow. We have reached out to each City official to invite them in participating in our Impact Forum and Golf Scramble as well as take sometime to view the youth and community initiatives scheduled.

City Recreation Supervisors

The City Recreational Programs have been pillars for families and communities for decades.  As club and travel sports continue to grow we can not stress the importance of continuing the development of local recreational programs.  We have encouraged the City Recreation Commission to attend the Festival workshops and seminars to find synergy in our programming of activities.  We will do our due diligence to provide future collaboration opportunities following our summer of events.

Community Activist

Our community initiatives are the effort of great ideas, volunteers and execution.  There are various community activist around the country that emphasis these exact values.  We will reach out to various individuals and groups to ensure the pillars of communities are present.  Our initiatives carry a direct IMPACT towards the community and those that live and mature within it.