The Optimum Prep Festival is a 5-day festival week aimed at targeting major issues in the Student-Athlete ecosystem and providing solutions and resources to improve them.

As America begins gathering again in large crowds for events and activities, providing a safe and purposeful event atmosphere for the youth, families, guest  and event staff has been of #1 focus.

We strive to bring together all parts of the city to actively participate in the betterment of their communities; Optimum Prep Festivals mission to provide an efficient and sustainable platform that generates data collection, programming, and tech engagement solution/support for the local economy, community and the development of future generations.


Optimum Prep Festival offers unparalleled access to experts, industry youth organizations, and top tier athletes and mentors. Here some of the best practices for influencing a growing generation and understanding the power of mentorship, in-depth strategy discussions that will chart the course for the future leaders of the next generation.

COVID SAFE Engagement

Competitive Fitness

Interacative Learning

Family Filled Fun

  • Receive coaching from current and former pros, and experienced athletic trainers.
  • Gain insight, learn strategies and improve during the mid – week workshops.
  • Make new connections with our meeting tools and dedicated social channels through the OP App.
  • Youth will receive an Impact Bag filled with goodies and educational material.
  • Parents will receive an Impact Bag filled with resources, information and a surprise.


OP has created a solid schedule of Impact within the community kicking off Tuesday morning with the Spread The Love Campaign.  Each day will consist of an initiative for the youth and volunteer adults.

  • Meet up with like-minded impactors within our daily themed initiatives.
  • Visit resource vendors to help and assist with needs for youth and families.
  • Work with Community & Culture Leaders from around the metroplex.
  • Champion building better bonds between Youth and Adult Leaders.


Who Should Attend

  • Athletes & Entertainers
  • Media Company Executives
  • Marketing Agency Executives
  • Advertising Agency Executives
  • Brand Strategists
  • Creators and Influencers
  • Video Producers
  • Show Runners and Creative Executives
  • Audience Development Professionals
  • Business Owners, Founders, CEO
  • C – Suite Administration
  • Non – Profit Founders & Administration

This is a space where leaders can network, collaborate, recharge, and even record a quick video or two!  Check out our VIP packages and Meet & Greet announcements, May 1st.

Entertainment & Networking

  • Learn the answers to your burning questions at featured impactors workshops and keynotes.
  • Laugh, cry, and feel all the feels at panels and discussions with our Featured Impactors.
  • Connect with new friends and future business partners, play games, and collect swag while being educated & entertained.
  • Attend Creator Keynotes, panels, and workshops for insider tips from Featured Creators.
  • Spend a weekend filled with awesome education and engagement — trust us, you’ll remember it forever.
  • Curate your experience to fit your programming desires.
  • Participate in pop-up meet & greets for deeper connections and conversations.


Impacting the culture, “For The Culture” , means embracing diversity, seeking inclusion not merely for representation purposes but because of the rightful way this country will grow, innovate and succeed.

We have taken ownership of reaching out to local leadership as we know their presence speaks volumes to their leadership for the youth and community:

  • Mayor
  • City Council
  • Police Chief
  • City Manager
  • Superintendent
  • Athletic Directors
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Universities and Career Centers



Donation Supplies List

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Coach Qualms

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