This will be the Most #ImpactfulWEek You Can Remember

Creative Expressions & Design

Creative & self expression will be the first love event of the week. Youth participants will have the opportunity to make their mark, showcase their individuality as we crown a creative writing champion and prepare gift bags with our resource partners for later in the week.


Love Clothes & Food Drive

The “Love Clothing & Food Drive” will encourage the youth to look at  the small ways that they can enhance the lives of those around them. Students begin to understand the power of volunteerism and culture sensitivity.

Bag Em' Up & Load Em' Out

This event segment is all about being the hands and feet of outreach. Our attendees will be able to really see how their efforts will make a difference in the lives of the people around them. Prepping distribution cars and making sure our support zones receive their items safely and securely.  Did I also mention PANCAKES!


Ton Of Love Recycling Challenge

How BIG can we go and how much cleanliness can we create!  Creating your Eco-Love Team will put you in the race to collect the most waste.  We have created safe cleaning zones for all volunteers of all ages to grab a mask, gloves and eyewear to take on this Love Recycling Challenge.


Lailas Tiny Home PRoject

The idea behind the Tiny Home Project is to create a safe place for homeless and rehabilitated people to reintegrate themselves back into society. Our mission is to bring people together in a safe environment, where they can be connected to services and programs.

Into Volunteering?

How Do You Make An Impact?  We have volunteer opportunities for people that love their city and everything that makes it run!  Whether you enjoy planning events or host special themed engagements, let us know what you love to do.  Are you great with the youth or do you have a background in helping coordinate parking lots?  Our events carry through the entire week and we love our volunteers.  We have so much in store for them!!  Learn how to get involved.

Become a Partnering Resource

We want to work with people with a together mindset. They don’t have to talk the most, or feel like they aren’t appreciated; we just have to agree that the work we are doing is worth collaborating towards. They know the importance of community and how important it is to impact others.  OP Festival week will make a difference and carry many impactful segways into working with the right people in their best way of contribution. We are after sustainability. Sign up today, It’s Almost Time to Make An Impact!