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Live Streaming & Content Audiences

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Optimum Prep has grassroot impact...

Data collection, media relations, influencer relationships, content creation and social impact empowerment are our marquee capabilities; this also enable us to provide a solid selection of perks and opportunity to create activations and engage with your direct target audience.

Special Appearances, Performances, Guest Speakers and Quality Networking

Charity is helpful.
Impact is sustainable.

Over 10 years we have created and hosted pilot programming initiatives, events and agendas throughout America. Our support groups have come from small and large viewed individuals, groups and organizations.  Our data and research within the school systems across America and cultural sensitive divisions have ran through 3 Presidencies.  We are appreciative to the various amounts of support and connections within our network.

Influencer & Event Marketing with athletes, entertainers and community activist. 7 regional markets and various activations to utilize in digital, streaming and app integrations.

Social Networking with local impactful individuals and groups.  Live Streaming will be available but COVID safe guidelines will be enforced for safety of all.

Participate in Intimate Fireside Chats themed around economic development, community enrichment and early childhood development in a digital era.

Working with various industries have provided us with a dependable system that carries valuable activations created to impact the core contributors and the intangible beneficiaries.

We carry a heavy initiative to provide an impact with a return for the youth, communities and partners.